The Algarve, known for its stunning landscapes and mild climate, is becoming a preferred haven for families worldwide. The growing presence of international communities, including Swedes, Brits, Americans, French, and Brazilians, is transforming the region into an increasingly popular family vacation destination.

Growing Swedish Community: In particular, the Swedish community has been flourishing in the Algarve. Over 3,000 Scandinavian residents have already chosen the region as their permanent home, drawn not only by the mild climate but also by the tax benefits offered to non-habitual foreign residents.

The Choice of Lagos: Lagos, a charming city, has stood out as a preference for many foreigners. Over a third of the local population is now composed of residents from other nationalities. Individuals like Kent and Agneta, who have chosen Lagos as their home, highlight their love at first sight for the city, finding the Tennis and Padel Club a place to spend much of their leisure time.

Consulate in Tavira: The significant increase in the Swedish community in the Algarve led to the creation of a consulate in Tavira in 2015, demonstrating Portugal’s commitment to welcoming and supporting the growing international population in the region.

Tax Incentives and Legislative Changes: The allure of tax incentives for non-habitual foreign residents has contributed to this migratory flow. However, with recent changes in legislation, these benefits are being reviewed as part of the government’s strategy to combat real estate speculation. The status, which until 2021 exempted retirees from taxation, is being reevaluated.

Exponential Growth: At the end of last year, Portugal had over 74,000 non-habitual residents, a 50% increase from 2018. Despite changes in tax policies, the allure of the Algarve remains undeniable for international families, with 99% of the over 70,000 foreigners in the region possessing residence permits in 2022.

The Algarve, with its blend of natural beauty, mild climate, and welcoming communities, emerges as a rising family vacation destination. Changes in legislation do not diminish the charm of the region, which continues to attract families from around the world in search of a tranquil and sunny life. Explore the Algarve and discover why so many families choose this paradise as their home away from home.

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